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Founder - CEO

Getting his social media start in 2013 from the app Vine (where his following surpassed 1.4 Million followers), Elton Castee has since gone one to find success in various manners  such as his Facebook comedy sketches, hosting two never aired TV shows, becoming a touring stand-up comedian, 10x Guinness World Record title holder, and his most well known work with the now Shorty Award Nominated Youtube channel, TFIL.   With his current followers surpassing 7 Million and videos surpassing more than 1 Billion views, across various platforms, Elton has been able to constantly find his foothold throughout the constantly changing landscape of the internet.  

During his 2.5 years of traveling the world for TFIL, Elton has come across many situations and people that have altered his point of view of the world; all of which can be evidently seen through his personal donations of over $125,000 to various charities and his live-stream fundraisers that have raised just over $188,000 thus far.  The positive impact seen by TFIL on its audience and the Youtube platform has driven his decision to change the channel to a fully non-profit 501(c)3, For Sparta Organization.


Videographer - Editor

Mike Rivkees is a self taught filmmaker from New England. After traveling the world directing, shooting, and editing commercials, he felt that he wanted to do more with his life than climb the corporate ladder. When Elton Castee (long time friend from high school) approached him about joining TFIL full time, he knew that this was a leap worth taking. He quit his job, booked a one way ticket to California, and has dedicated his life to helping others.



Lead Journalist
Fiona Zaring is an entertainment journalist born and raised in Los Angeles CA. She recently graduated Cum Laude from Chapman University’s Dodge School of Film & Medial Arts, and got her first job in journalism on ClevverTV’s news team. In addition to covering red carpets and all thing entertainment, she’s now joining TFIL as they transition into a non-profit channel to use her skills to help create content that raises awareness for important causes all around the world.



Board of Directors
Jay Walker is an actor & comedian originally hailing from Minnesota’s Twin Cities. A proven talent in the world of film, television and the digital space— Jay has been featured in over a dozen national ad campaigns, starred in a Netflix Original Movie [COIN HEIST], and grown a fan base of over 200,000 followers on social media.



Board of Directors
As a Theatre major in college, Meghan wasn’t getting cast in many roles on stage so she took her own path and began her career online. Including Vine, she reached over 9 million followers, but her mom is still her biggest fan. She loves animals, spicy food and terrible reality tv. Meghan is older than she sounds and has never sucked helium.

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